Monday, March 15, 2010

Found a Funny One

Hey all,

Found a funny one last week. I've been preaching on the Seven Deadly Sins and so I googled "venial sins, examples," and found myself on a Catholic website. Yeah, yeah, you guessed it-- I'm going to crack on the Catholics (the hierarchy anyway...). But- before I do, two things you need to know: 1- I'm married to a self-declared "cultural Catholic" so with that and for other reasons, I do appreciate the many contributions of the Catholic Church; 2- To be ecumenically fair, I'm going to crack on the UM Church too.

So the funny thing? On this site, you can "ask an apologist"- a theologian who speaks on behalf of the church- a question about polity or doctrine (Catholic Answers). HOWEVER, see the posting rules noted below:


Posting Rules

You may not post new threads

You may not post replies

You may not post attachments

You may not edit your posts


Is that funny or what?! Isn't that telling of the life of the Catholic Church- articulated so clearly, so boldly, at the bottom of some random Church homepage? Basically, you can ask a question-- any question, and yes, you'll get an answer. But that's where your input stops! NO responding, no feedback, no new contribution- thank you very much! "No" is the response to any outside commentary-- even online. Now that's funny stuff.

So on to the Methodists: In reading the Circuit Rider, our UM clergy magazine, a page was dedicated to "Sermon Starters- from Rethink Church," our denomination's latest effort to revive the Church. One of the suggestions was a 'video idea' that came from UMTV where they thought we should watch the series "Church in a Box." As it states so innocently, "a church solves space issue by expanding to a second site, with a worship center in a box..."

Hello?! Bad branding!! Doesn't anyone at the top watch late-night TV? Can I just say "Church in a Box" is even worse than Apple's new "iPad" in relation to women's monthly hygiene! Is anyone getting me here? Because of its off-color nature, all I'm going to say is THREE things: SNL, 2006, & Justin Timberlake. That's all I'm saying...that's ALL I'm saying...

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Anonymous said...

You've nailed it, Amanda: (1) Our friends, the Catholics, still don't "get it," apparently. Good observation.
May I add a UM one? Our local UM pastor was recently quoted (by another pastor) as saying, "No Jehovahs Witnesses will EVER be allowed to participate in MY church!" Just outside that church is a big plaque proclaiming, "Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors..." (?) Open ---to JUST ABOUT everybody, I guess?